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Company Review:Amazmon

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Section 1 covers:

Industry; Competitive Forces Model; Industry Life-cycle analysis; Macro-environment forces(write how does those elements affect the industry)

Section 2 covers:

Resources; Capabilities; Value Creation; Value Chain; Competitive Advantage; Durability of Competitive Advantage; Sustainability of Competitive Advantage; Functional Level Strategies

Section 3 covers:

Market segmentation; Generic Business-level strategies; Business-Level Strategy and the Industry Environment (growth industry, mature industry, declining industry); Technology

Section 4 covers:

The Global and National Environment; Global Expansion; Global Strategy; Corporate-Level Strategy (Horizontal integration, vertical integration, and strategic outsourcing); Diversification

Section 5 covers:

Stakeholder Impact Analysis; Profitability and Profit Growth; Principal-Agent Relationships; Balanced Scorecard Approach; Ethical Issues(use financial reports and calculate ratios to support your points)


At the end

write a recommendations(what do you think to improve this company base on threats and opportunity)

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