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Article Critique:Neo-Aristotelian

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This assignment requires you to critique a popular culture text (e.g., advertising/marketing campaign, political ad, television program, song lyrics, speech, movie). In this paper, you will analyze the various persuasive, language, and rhetorical strategies employed in your text. You will also critique the effectiveness of these strategies. Your paper will be framed according to one of the following perspectives outlined in the Sellnow textbook: Neo-Aristotelian (chapter 2), Narrative

(chapter 3), Dramatistic Perspective

(chapter 4), Marxist

(chapter 5), or Feminist

(chapter 6).

PAPER REQUIREMENTS • Select an artifact to examine as a text and formulate a research question. • Review the literature to build an argument for your analysis. • Analyze your text using a rhetorical perspective. • The paper will include 7-10 pages of text, plus APA title, abstract, and reference pages (see template for outline of paper’s organization). • The paper should be written according to APA style. The only exception to this is that you can use first person in the paper and interject your own opinions. However, this should be minimal (i.e., less than a page or two total) as the paper should be driven by your references and analysis. • Your paper should cite at least four sources, three of which have to be academic sources (e.g., journal articles, academic books). You may cite any of the course textbooks, but they do not count toward the four required sources. Also, you will most likely exceed four sources, but that is the absolute minimum expected.

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