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Xiaojing, Lance and Nick wish to work together to operate an herbal product business. They have decided to explore unincorporated business structures, in particularly a partnership and a joint venture.
Prepare a consultative report that critically analyses:
 The key features of a partnership as compared to those of a joint venture
 Legislation applicable to both the partnership and to the joint venture
 The differences between the two business structures
 The advantage and disadvantages of each method of business organisation
Your report should give a recommendation, supported by appropriate explanation for choosing either a partnership or a joint venture as the most suitable structure.
Produce a Word document between 1000-1500 words.
A live Collaborate web-conference will be held during Module 4 to allow for a verbal presentation of the consultative report.
Each student will have 5 minutes to present a summary of their consultative report covering the matters listed above

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