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Book Report II on The Goal

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Book Report II on The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement

Answer the following questions (maximum words for each question provided). Use of tables & graphs / charts to explain encouraged.

1.       (10 pts, describe in 200 < words)

·         In practice, bottlenecks routinely shift from one functional area or work center to another.  Why is Little’s Law an important tool to use in conjunction with DBR (Drum-Buffer-Rope) to ensure process flow?

2.       (10 pts, describe in 200 < words)

·         How you can apply concepts from The Goal at your present job, or future job if you are contemplating a career change.  Note: Writing Volume ≠ “better”.  Assume you are presenting to Sr. Mgt & need to explain the current situation, why this is the case, & a brief timeline to implement the change in as few words as possible.

3.       (15 pts) Capacity & Bottleneck Analysis (describe in 100 < words each per 1/2/3 below)

·         You are the Operations Manager for a company w/ a 45 week backlog for its products that require 2 processes – Spraying & then Assembly of Sprayed Products.  Customers expect product delivery in 4 weeks.

                                                              i.      No one knows the ratio of spraying to assembly time.

                                                            ii.      Using what you have learned in this class, what steps do you propose to:

  • Promise future customer orders (5 pts)
  • ID the constraint & resolve it (5 pts)
  • Focus activities to achieve the customer desired LT (5 pts)

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