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Russian History

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How has Russian President/Prime Minister Vladimir Putin influenced the growth and activities of Russia’s intelligence services in the post-Soviet era?

Because of their dire economic situation, North Korea does not have the ability to purchase or deploy technologically advanced intelligence collection systems to gather intelligence on U.S. and South Korean government and military operations. Given their limited resources, how does North Korea compensate for their limited technical collection capabilities against South Korea and the United States? Be sure your answer addresses the following four intelligence disciplines (OSINT, SIGINT, GEOINT, and HUMINT). 

Although the Cold War ended in 1991, the espionage cases of Ana Montes, Walter Myers, and the Cuban Five are proof that Cuban intelligence continues to collect against the United States. After completing this week’s readings, why do you think the Cuban government continues to collect information on U.S. exile groups, intentions, and capabilities? Given the state of global affairs are the Cuban’s paranoid or simply hedging their bets in case the US decides to launch a regime change against the Communist nation? Note: try to look at this issue through the eyes of the Cuban government.

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