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Management Case Study

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Read the case study then give:

A description, background and current activities of the organisation, such as organisational structure, ownership, location, target market(s), facilities, activities and organisational values/ mission/vision if available.
Theory & Practice
Choose at least two discipline/subject areas from your studies thus far.  For hospitality students, it could be from marketing, business communication, HRM and hospitality operations.
Identify and explain the extent to which the concepts and theories that you learned in College in your chosen disciplines are being applied – or not being applied – in your organisation.
Management Issues
Self-Management How did you manage yourself during your industry training? Were there areas or times where you felt particularly under pressure? Were you always satisfied with your response and your quality of work? What things did you do well? What things would you have done differently?
People Management What did you observe about how people were managed within the organisation? How did you respond to being managed and supervised? What did you learn about yourself and what lessons did you gain about doing things differently/better in the future? What do you think makes a ‘good’ manager?
Leadership In your own words, how would you describe/explain the leadership in the organization? What are the essential characteristics of a ‘good’ leader, in your view?
Processes Without efficient and clear processes, businesses & organisations struggle to achieve their goals. How would you evaluate how ‘things were done’ in terms of processes and procedures and policies? What would you do to improve any of these areas? Conclusion
Summarise and evaluate your work experience. Explain what was gained from Industry Training that could not have been gained through theory. Describe how Industry Training improves your overall skill level and knowledge. Give a summary of suggestions that could be implemented in either.
That is my instruction for the report, my placement is Four Point by Sheraton Darling Harbor. I will upload an example of another student and you can follow that for the structure.

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