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Compare France human resources management with the United States

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Compare France human resources management with the United States and the evolution from Human Resource Management (tradition Human Resource Management) to the Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) from a global/international perspective. Your discussion should focus on Human Resource Management, SHRM, and Strategic International Human Resource Management. You should also discuss how the new shift in SHRM in the areas of competitive advantage and how it will change the focus in the 21st century and beyond (feel free to discuss from your readings and research whether there will be any other shifts in SHRM, using Social Media etc).
– Describe how HR started in the France.
– look at the two counties, how they evolved
– compare both of them (historic growth)
– how have they been strategic in the use of SHRM
– what is the country doing to come up in SHRM
– are they using strategies in human capital, RBV
– how are they focusing on the 21st century and beyond.
-suggestions on what they should be doing to gain competitive advantage. Examine external environmental law.

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