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Statistic Assignment

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Descriptive Statistics for the Study Sample

Sample Descriptive statistical tests are used to define the characteristics of the study sample. TD1 focuses on the sample characteristics and the descriptive statistical tests used to describe the study sample. DO NOT discuss study results.

1–* Select one quantitative research study related to a health or safety issue. (fire prevention in the community and healthcare access). Locate the sample description in the text and table, sometimes the term demographics is used instead of sample description.

2—* Identify the descriptive statistical test/s used to describe the study sample characteristics. List the name of the descriptive statistical test; such as percentage, frequency, mean, median, mode, standard deviation. Explain why the statistical test was selected.

3—* Briefly describe the sample characteristics using the descriptive statistical results. Select the most important sample characteristics. The published study will also provide a written description of the sample, which you would use as your guide.

4—-* Analyze the study sample characteristics, what was missing, what characteristic would have been helpful and why?

5—* Why is it important to examine the demographic characteristics of your sample? How do you know the sample in the study is comparable to the population studied?

6—* What is the difference between a mean, median and mode central tendency descriptive statistic? Why is the mean statistic considered the ‘gold standard’?

This article can be used as reference:

Martin, I. M., Martin, W. E., & Raish, C. B. (2011). A qualitative and quantitative analysis of risk perception and treatment options as related to wildfires in the USDA FS Region 3 National Forests. doi:10.2737/rmrs-gtr-260

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