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Competitive Advantage In Business: Case Study

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Droga Case

  1. Discuss whether you feel this is a good investment for Droga 5 – and the partners Random House, Microsoft, and Roc Nation.
  1. How can Droga 5 best broker a deal between the parties, and ensure success for all.

In preparing your answers consider the following issues (but not limited to):

  1. What is motivating Droga 5 do pursue such as unique campaign?
  2. Is the campaign and media selection suited for the target market?
  3. How can its unique nature be effective?
  4. Consider the nature of the advertising industry and its challenges. Is it fragmented and competitive?
  5. What is Droga 5’s competitive advantage as a small “boutique” player?
  6. Who has the advantage in the negotiations? Consider this:
    1. What is each player contributing and its value
    2. Who has the most to gain? Who has the most to loose?

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