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Adolescent Substance Abuse

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Assignment Part 2
Part 1 of the Literature review (if you’re the same writer) in now complete which is attached. Please use this reference below as it is the main book we are using for the course:
Hoffnung, M., Hoffnung, R. J., Seifert, K. L., Burton Smith, R., Hine, A., Ward, L., & Pause, C. (2013). Lifespan development: A chronological approach (Second Australasian Ed.). Milton, Qld: John Wiley and Sons Australia.
A 90 minute session must be about the (Part 1) literature review which is about adolescent substance abuse. It must include a powerpoint presentation and brochure. Please note: I am not required to actually deliver this session, just plan the delivery of it.
Your planned 90 minute session should include:
a mix of objectives including both knowledge (information) and skills (e.g. parenting strategies) appropriate for the stage of lifespan development and specific developmental focus identified as ‘learning outcomes’; at least two ‘teaching activities’ (i.e., details about what you will do to give participants the knowledge or skill for that objective);
timing recommendations for each section of the session (e.g. Activity: Small group discussion & brainstorm – 10 mins);
materials and teaching resources you will need for each activity (e.g., butchers paper and coloured pens; Handout X);details of the methods you will use to assess learning outcomes for each session (Evaluation);at least 5 references used to prepare the lesson, and relevant for the Session Facilitator to read in order to provide them with the background needed to teach the session, presented in APA 6th style;

a take home brochure containing the key points from the session and additional resources or references suitable for your participants (e.g., short articles, websites).

combo order – 15 slide ppt with 13 page presentation

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