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Advanced Urinalysis and Body Fluids

MLS 3130 – Advanced Urinalysis and Body Fluids
Body Fluid Procedures Assignment
In this assignment you will put together a PowerPoint presentation covering the significant
tests performed on each type of body fluid covered in the course. Each body fluid should have a
summary slide, listing the common tests performed, and then a follow up slide for each test
performed. The slide for each test should include (a) what the test is, (b) expected results in a
normal CSF sample, and (c) the significance of abnormal results. An example of this breakdown
is provided below for the first body fluid, Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF). Reference must be
included on each slide (on the slide itself or in the notes section), and students may NOT copy
the information directly from the lecture slides or the entire assignment will receive a score of
Body Fluids to Cover
Cerebrospinal Fluid
Serous Fluid
Synovial Fluid
Sample Breakdown – CSF
Slide 1 – Summary of testing performed on CSF
Slide 2 – Physical Examination of CSF
Slide 3 – Cell Counts and White Blood Cell Differential
Slide 4 – Total Protein and Glucose Measurement
Slide 5 – Protein Electrophoresis
Slide 6 – Microbiological Stains
Slide 7 – Rapid Immunologic Assays
This assignment is worth 30 points (10 per body fluid type)

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