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ASSIGNMENT: Draft a 3-5 page (approximately 800-1300 words) informative essay. As a part of your completed draft, complete the color-coding activity described below. In addition, answer the “Think About Your Writing” questions on a separate sheet of paper and include it with your draft submission.

Select an advertisement image to analyze. To find a print advertisement to analyze, you can search the web using the keywords “print ad” or you could even find and take a picture of a local poster or billboard in your neighborhood. We recommend you choose a print ad that includes text, imagery, and color to best complete this assignment.

Conduct an image analysis: The print advertisement you choose should be directed toward a specific audience. To identify the intended audience, think about the members of the potential audience for the advertisement that you have chosen. Who are they? Ads for a beauty product, for example, may be aimed at young people; ads for a deodorant might target adults; a diaper commercial is likely intended for new parents; ads for cruise trips might be aimed at retirees. You can use any academically-appropriate advertisement to complete this assignment, as long as its intended audience is clearly identified. In your analysis, consider how design components within the image (such as layout, text, color, and tone) appeal to the audience and provide and establish context for the ad’s overall purpose.

Your thesis must inform the reader of the specific ad chosen and the plan to analyze it. Because you are writing in the informative mode, use objective language and a neutral point of view. For this essay, the informative mode means avoiding writing in the first-person and/or expressing personal bias towards the ad’s overall intention or effectiveness.

PART 1: Color-Coding Activity

Using the color codes provided, evaluate your draft as follows:

-Use red text to indicate your thesis statement.
-Use green text to indicate the topic sentence of each body paragraph.

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