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Analytical Discussion of a contemporary social issue- Summative Assessment

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Summative Assessment

Analyse a contemporary social issue

Analytical Discussion (2000 words)

To complete this assessment item successfully you are required to analyse a contemporary social issue with reference to a specific sociological paradigm.


Specifically, you are required to:

  1. Select a contemporary social issue that you are interested in.
  1. Select one sociological paradigm to provide a clear reference point for your analysis.
  1. Using the contemporary social issue and specific sociological paradigm chosen, consider the implications of the social issue from the perspective of the sociological paradigm selected.

For example: you may choose youth homelessness (contemporary social issue) and Marxism (sociological paradigm).  Your discussion would look at the development of youth homelessness in light of your understanding of key Marxist points.  You would look at how the issue is maintained and explained through the paradigm.


  1. Make sure your assignment covers the following areas.
  2. Definition of the social issue i. What it is ii. Who is directly affected by it iii. Prevalence of the social issue in society
  3. Definition of the sociological paradigm chosen i. What it is ii. Key points of view and summary of main ideas it holds
  4. Clarify primary causes of the contemporary social issue from the standpoint of the selected sociological paradigm
  5. Clarify potential effects of the contemporary social issue on society
  6. Provide an explanation of potential solutions and limits the selected sociological paradigm could hold for the selected contemporary social issue.

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