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Analyze the critical factors leading to the victory of Donald Trump

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Analyze the critical factors leading to the victory and defeat of each candidate, citing assigned and real time readings and other sources and drawing on the course topics and discussions. Students may take a broadly comprehensive approach or focus on one or more specific factors—e.g., overall message, success or failure in transitioning from primary contests to the general election, debates, GOTV and voter analytics, old media v. new media, advertising, and/or speech(es) that made a difference.

You can talk about other issues as well like campaign spending, the effect of alt-right media, etc. You can also discuss the aftermath in terms of what is going on inside the DNC and RNC, but please remember that you should devote the majority of your paper to discussing the critical factors leading to Trump’s victory AND Clinton’s defeat.

You need a minimum of 12 citations (lecture or discussion is acceptable as citations, at least 8 sources from the media).

This paper is similar in some ways to the midterm in that you will have to cite other sources to support your argument. In other words, you can’t simply claim that people in rural areas were underrepresented in polling samples, you need to provide a source to support your claim.

Please include a bibliography/work cited (not part of my page count)

Finally, here are the links to the articles I mentioned in discussion today which may help you with your final paper:

Hillary’s Downfall – Complacency


Demographics Aren’t Destiny and Four Other Things This Election Taught Me


Five key lessons from Donald Trump’s surprising victory

The Monkey Cage

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