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Anatomy and Physiology

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Quick introduction to Personal Learning Logs The reflective learning log enables you as a biomedical scientist to evidence the specialist knowledge attained from each learning topic. This type of assessment reflects the evidence used by the IBMS in their competency portfolios, and for further qualifications, such as their Specialist Diploma. Each section of the personal learning log should include a detailed, critically reflective and scholarly account of:

1. How you went about engaging with the module learning outcomes, and

2. What this engagement has meant to you in terms of improving your professional practice.

You will have to consider these two aspects from a theoretical, as well as a practical, point of view. For example, after completing each learning topic, you need to demonstrate that you have reflected on your learning by including the following within your log: •

Indicate what you knew already; what you have learned that is new; and how this will influence your practice as a biomedical scientist? •

Demonstrate an understanding of the scientific basis for tests and disease processes • Demonstrate awareness of factors affecting sample integrity, risks associated with the sample reagents, or method and other tests indicated by the outcome of the analysis. •

Demonstrate an understanding and apply principles of quality control and quality assurance. You are also required to create a question with an indicative answer for an area covered in each learning topic. E.g. compile your log along this style, with the following sections:

i) Title: This should be your learning topic title e.g. Pathology of Anaemia or Introduction to Cellular Pathology

ii) A reflection on your learning of each learning topic – this should include coverage of areas bullet pointed above.

iii) The creation of a key question on each of the learning topics, with an indicative answer.

iv) An up to date reference list relating to each of the learning topics should be included.

Your chosen references should be ones not provided in the reference lists associated with the course lecture presentations. You need to provide a justification for three of the papers you choose, i.e. state why you have chosen those particular references, just how any new information relates to the topic, and whether you consider the data in a particular paper represent a small advance, a significant advance (or whatever) in your opinion. Note – your list should include more than a total of three references and they should be in the Harvard style or you will lose marks! Finally include a short summary, (50+ words), of your learning experience for the whole of the module, highlighting areas you liked most and areas that you would most like to see improved. This section is outside of marks allocated and will help us to improve the learning experience for

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