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Annual Training Plan: Soccer (Football)

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Assignment Final Task: Planning Rationale

Maximum text: 1500 words

Annual Training Plan: Soccer (Football)

The final assignment is to use the template designed in the previous assignment to prepare a section of an actual training program for your athlete/s for the next year.

Although the full annual chart must be prepared and explained/justified, and it must show the competition plan as well as the training that will be carried out, a single 8 week “block” of training is to be featured in your macro/micro-cycle plans and respective explanations. Remember to ensure you have provided navigation links between the annual plan and the macro/microcycle plans. This 8-week block should provide a model of how you would develop your athlete towards a peak performance and a subsequent transitional break within the year. All aspects of training including daily scheduling and cycling of light, medium, heavy and very heavy training loads should be evident.

The reasons why certain events may hold a higher priority than others should be explained in your text as should any peculiar decisions that you have incorporated for your athlete or sport. Finally, a reminder that written material should not exceed 1500 words for this assignment (not including plans, diagrams, or other Excel based material) and that your best grades will be achieved by the quality of your justifications.

In the annual training cycle plan excel document the 8 week cycle completed is phase competition 1 and competition 2.

Reference APA style

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