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Read the following article. The title of your assignment should be “M6 Article Assignment.” Provide a detailed summary of the article. Your summary should be typed, single-spaced, written in complete sentences and proof-read for grammar and punctuation errors. Your summary should be a minimum of a half a page. In anthropology, we use a citation format called AJPA. Use the guidelines below for proper AJPA formatting. Additionally, in science writing a summary involves composition of a concise and objective overview of the original article. The summary should focus only on the article’s main ideas and important details that support those ideas. You are NOT providing your opinion. Guidelines for summarizing an article: states the main ideas identifies the most important details that support the main ideas summarize in your own words Do not copy phrases and sentences unless they are being used as a direct quotations, which should be used in the most minimal instances Express the underlying meaning of the article, but do not critique or analyze AJPA Formatting Guidelines Before you begin your summary, write the title of the article using AJPA format. Authors last name then first and middle initial in capital letters. For example, there is a famous forensic anthropologist named William Marvin Bass. In AJPA format his name would be written, Bass WM. If there are multiple authors, you use the same format, but list the authors in alphabetical order, separating them with commas. For example, Mann RW, Time SA, Bass WM. If the authors middle initial is not listed, just list their first initial. Next, list the year of publication. The year of publication will be listed with the information related to the journal. Usually in the upper right hand corner. If it says January 23, 2023, just use the year. 2023. Next, list the title of the article. The only thing in the title that should be capitalized is the first word of the title, a name, or the word after a colon. For example, Determination of age from the sternal rib in white males: A test of the phase method. List the information about the journal. The name of the journal, the volume number, and the page numbers of the article. Lets say that you read an article from the Journal of Forensic Sciences. Volume 23 pages 110-115. The proper format for this information in AJPA is J of Forensic Sci 23:110-115. If we put all the examples I provided you above into AJPA format, the proper citation is as follows: Mann RW, Time SA, Bass WM. 2023. Determination of age from the sternal rib in white males: A test of the phase method. J of Forensic Sci 23:110-115.

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