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AP Human Geography Worksheet about Race

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What is race?


What do you know or assume about race? For example, how do you define race? What makes different races? What else?






What do you want to know about race and/or what about race would you like clarity on?







Using the PBS WebQuest “Race: The Power of Illusion” work to find answers to your questions and find clarity to those aspects of race that you are curious about.


Go to: Visit each section of the website (listed on right hand side of web page). After completing each activity click on the “go deeper” button to further your understanding. The following blocks of questions follow the order of activities on the website and are identified in bold.


What is Race?

What is Race? Use this section to help you better understand the complex definition. Record your thoughts and give a statement of what you understand race to be.












Sorting People

How easy is it to group people into “races” based on appearance? What about using individual traits? Does everybody classify the same way? Write down your initial thoughts and then conduct the activity. Did you perspective change at all after the sorting game?












Race Timeline

Has race always been the same? If no, why has it remained constant? If yes, how and why has it changed? Record your first thoughts, then explain any new information you’ve gained.











Human Diversity

How different are we as humans? What are some of the things which separate us as distinct races, if any? Take the quiz, read the answers after guessing, and write a conclusion that you’ve reached about our human differences.












Me, My Race & I

How do people of different races experience life in America? Watch the short videos and record actions, events, stories, etc. that you find striking. Do you share experiences with any of the stories you watch and hear? Explain. (note: if you have headphones, please use them for this section)












Where Race Lives

Where does race live? How have laws and ingrained social ideas helped to create our current racial distribution in America?



Look at your definition of race from the start of this activity. Is it still accurate? Did it change at all? Identify how your definition of race may have changed and elaborate on why race is so hard to define.

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