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Application: The Effectiveness Of Cognitive Therapy And Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy


Application: The Effectiveness of Cognitive Therapy and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy   Prior to using cognitive therapy as an intervention with a client, it is important for social workers to be aware of the current research on both the client problem and possible interventions. Based on research and professional experience, social workers should be confident about the effectiveness of the cognitive therapy intervention before they use it with a client. If there is evidence of contraindication for cognitive therapy for the specific client problem, the social worker should consider supervision and/or an alternative intervention.  Before you delve into this Application Assignment, select a client problem that you might encounter in social work practice. Then search the Walden Library and select three research articles that address the effectiveness of the intervention (CT or CBT) in treating the problem you selected.  Note: For this Application Assignment, please select the intervention than you did not use in the Discussion.  The assignment (2–3 pages): •Briefly describe the client problem and intervention you selected. •Provide a synthesis of the articles you selected. •Explain whether each article demonstrated if the intervention was effective, and why. Explain whether you would use this intervention when working with a client. Justify your responses using the articles you selected.


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