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Appraisal of Quantitative Research

Week 2 Discussion: Appraisal of Quantitative Research

Use the Galen library database to find one primary quantitative research article on any nursing topic recently published this year in a nursing journal . Read the article and in one paragraph (7 to 8 sentences) provide a rapid critical appraisal by answering the following questions. Support your response by citing and referencing the research article.

1. What was the research design?

2. Was the sampling method and size appropriate for the research question? Explain.

3. What were the dependent and independent (outcome) variables?

4. Were valid and reliable instruments/surveys used to measure outcomes? Explain.

5. What were the main results of the study?

6. Was there statistical significance? Explain.

7. How would you use the study results in your practice to make a difference in patient outcomes?

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