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1. If you were to ask an expert social historian, cultural historian, political historian, or intellectual historian three questions about these works, what would they be?(Select one question from at least two separate categories.)
2. Find three questions posed in at least TWO of the historical analytical categories (either
cultural, political, intellectual, or social) that HAVE been asked and answered. Cite yoursources, which may include JUST the articles I posted or may include a broader set of references.
3. Which parts of the work, which details interest you the most? What would you want to see up close? What interests you about it. Name three details and list your reasoning.

So your final paper will consist of:
Three questions of YOURS, based on lecture and readings. You will be graded on how INFORMED those questions are. So review readings and lectures.
Three questions already posed by scholars and their answers. At least two sources must be
Three subjective answers that I posed in Question 3.

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