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(this is not a research paper), write a 750 to 900 word formal analysis essay on the approved artwork selected. Your essay should be titled, have 1-inch margins on all sides, and be double spaced with a 12-point Times New Roman font.
NO RESEARCH is needed for this essay. In fact, you will get a better grade if the essay reflects only your observations.
Make sure the essay includes the following:
1. A thesis statement (an argument) about how the techniques of the artist (forms, lines, color, etc.) impact the viewer and enhance meaning in the work. Please underline your thesis statement in the first paragraph.
You are focusing on two or three elements only.
    Example of an effective thesis statement: In Club Night, George Bellows uses high contrast, shape, and line to capture the energy of the athletes and provide an evocative and sensational interpretation of the club scene. 
2. An overall description of the artwork so the reader can form a picture of it in his or her mind’s eye (focus on what the artwork looks like instead of subject matter). 
3. A detailed analysis of the formal characteristics of the work. Identify all the formal characteristics but be careful not to just point these out. You must also explain what effect they have on how the viewer experiences the artwork. If you point out that the artwork has many strong diagonal lines, for example, you must also explain what the effect of these lines are and how they relate to your thesis.
4. Title, Artist, Year of the artwork. The title of the artwork should be underlined or italicized.
Your essay should NOT include any information you obtain from a source other than the artwork itself. Do not include the biography of the artist, explanations of the subject matter, or general observations about the style and the period.
Organize your essay so the first paragraph contains a clear argument about the artwork. (See the sample essays for an example of the type of argument you can make.)  Subsequent paragraphs should provide

Attached is the the visual analysis outline you completed for me in a previous order. You’ll us this outline to write the final draft

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