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Article Summary

Reading #1:    (write a response to one chapter in DuBois)

E. B. DU BOIS (1868–1963)
From The Souls of Black Folk:  The Forethought; I. Of Our Spiritual Strivings; III. Of Mr. Booker T. Washington and Others (pgs. 679-702) and VI. Of the Training of Black Men (pgs. 715-725).

Reading #2:  (write a response to one chapter in Washington’s narrative)
Booker T. Washington (1856-1915) Up from Slavery:  Read all chapters, pgs. 548-579.

Reading #3:    (write a response to one chapter/essay)

            DU BOIS (continued):  From The Souls of Black Folk:  XIV. The Sorrow Songs, pgs. 752-759.
Also  the essay “The Damnation of Women,” pgs. 760-771.

Guidelines for an effective summary/response:
A paragraph of summary of the work (a poem, narrative, or novel chapter): What was it about?
2) A paragraph of personal opinion of the work: What are your thoughts about the work?
So a summary/response should be at least one full page in length, typed, double-spaced.
Quote the work 2 or more times

Will provide the textbook.

Summary responses, NOT an essay.

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