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Artificial Intelligence

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Find an article, video, or academic journal of your interest that pertains to any part of data science, computer science, data collection, or any type of new technology/ advancements that are beyond we thought was originally impossible.
• Article must be at least 3-5 pages; video must be 10-15 minutes long.

Write a research essay of approximately 500 words, based on your Research Proposal. Support your points with documented sources. Each research assignment will be available between Monday-Friday.

a. List the title.
b. Authors(s)
c. Year published
d. After reading the abstract and the article, summarize the main idea of the article or video. A summary should communicate to your audience what the article is generally about, and it answers the question, “What is the significance of this study?” A summary does not include a personal opinion or critique, and it must be in your own words. (Write at least a paragraph)

e. Give your personal opinions of the article and why you decided on the article.

f. Name at least 5 things the authors could have added to the article or video in order to improve it, and explain why you think these changes would have been improvements.

g. Do you believe this article has educational value? Does it merit inclusion on a required reading list in a Data Course? Why or why not?

h. Leave the link to the resource.

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