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Assessing the psychological impacts of HIV/AIDS among inflicted women in rural Nigeria; An evaluative case study

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HIV/AIDS is a major problem in Nigeria with no comprehensive services that include assessment for HIV/AIDS psychologicalimpacts. Therefore, I am conducting a research study for my dissertation. I will be assessing the psychological impacts of HIV/AIDS among inflicted women and their non-inflicted family members in rural Nigeria. I will be assessing if living with HIV/AIDS causes inflicted women to experience depression, anxiety, PTSD or suicidal tendencies. For their non-inflicted members. I want to know if living with an inflicted person causes their own experience with depression, anxiety, PTSD or suicidal tendencies as well and how psychosocial support can help them cope better. I will upload the entire file I researched and selected for this literature review. I am placing an order on just 3pages of review for now. If I feel we can work together then you will do all the 50pages I need for my literature review section. Your review write up should include this direction:Purpose of the study/article: What did the researchers set out to prove/achieve?
Sample size and characteristics: Specific number of participants in the sample, as well as any distinguishing characteristics.
Methodology: A brief summary of the procedures the authors used, including quantitative/qualitative, procedures, etc. Also any shortcomings of the study that the authors identify or you can see.
Findings: the results of the study

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