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Assignment 4: Social variables and health outcomes

Assignment 4: Social variables and health outcomes





Due by 11:55pm ET the Sunday of Week 7




From a sociological viewpoint, the analysis of health outcomes can be understood through a variety of social variables. Throughout this semester, we have covered several of these, including race, gender, and class in society. For sociologists, these variables can be correlated very strongly with longevity rates, propensities for certain types of disease, and overall rates of mortality. In this final essay, you will describe the key relationship between these social variables and health outcomes, and also engage in your own independent research in which you will come up with one meaningful example of a health issue that is impacted by these variables. This paper will conclude with your own policy opinions about what you think government can do to reduce the impact of these social variables upon these health concerns. 






Complete a 8-10 page final paper that satisfies the following three areas:


Using several sociological concepts covered in our readings and discussion, explain how sociologists view the relationship between the key social variables of race, gender, class and health. (For example, explain how the intersection of race, class, and gender can help us predict health related outcomes.)

After engaging in your own independent research, citing a minimum of three (3) peer-reviewed journal articles provide one meaningful example of a health problem that is clearly impacted by race, class, and gender. 

Finally, detail a brief policy proposal in which you explain how government intervention may reduce the impact of race, class, and gender upon health outcomes in the United States. 

The assignment should include a title page, abstract and/or table of contents, body of paper, and a References page. 


The paper should be typed, double-spaced, 1” margins, arial or times new roman 12 pt font, and saved as .doc.  The paper should be in APA format (cover page, running header, major heading, subheadings, in-text citations, and reference list),

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