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Assisted Laws

Activity 1 – Critically evaluate assisted-laws

Research assisted-laws in the state of NC. Is it legal or illegal? How do the state’s laws compare with the law in other states (states of residences of group members. If all groups members are residents of NC, then consider neighboring states for comparison)? Write a letter to your senator with your stand on the topic, using research and the text to back it up.

Activity 2 – Develop and Implement an Advance Directive

The American Bar Association website provides information on developing an advance directive. The web links for these resources are listed below. This is an effective exercise for you to complete, as well as a resource for you to use with clients or family members and community.

Consumer’s toolkit: Consumer’s Tool Kit for Health Care Advance Planning
10 Legal Myths: 10 Legal Myths About Advance Medical Directives U.S. Living Will Registry
Palliative Care Policy Center: This website offers information and support to hospitals, nursing homes, health systems, hospices, and other organizations that serve individuals nearing the end of their life. Ethics in medicine: physician aid-in-dying. This is a website that provides information about physician aid-in-dying.

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