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For this project, we’ll imagine a brand called Shadow that exists in the fast-fashion category alongside competitors like Gap, Uniqlo, and H&M. In the most current year, sales for Shadow declined by 12% while most competitors were flat or up 2%-4%. Zara and H&M were both up around 5% in that year.

Shadow and H&M share a similar target audience, young adults (21-34) with incomes below $50,000.

Assignment Requirements
Part 1: Write a Positioning Statement
Describe Shadow’s current position in the marketplace based on the perceptual maps above.
What additional data does Shadow need to understand its place in the marketplace, e.g., what are dimensions beyond price, quality and trendiness you need data on?
With the data you have, describe a new positioning for Shadow in the marketplace with a focus on the dimensions you need to improve on.
You can discuss Price and Product changes in your Re-Positioning.
Your positioning statement should be 1-2 paragraphs long.
Part 2: Produce a Mock Advertisement
In addition to your positioning statement, produce a mock advertisement that captures your positioning statement.
Your mock advertisement must include a visual element and a key message.

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