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Students will select one of the brands listed below to prepare a group presentation to be delivered during Week 7.  No more than four students may join each group.
Overview: In this assignment your team will analyze a number of current (dated within the last 10 years) advertisements or marketing communication examples that promote a particular brand. Then you will discuss your team’s analysis in a presentation delivered through a Virtual Meeting Session.

Requirements: Your team must analyze at least six advertisements or marketing communication examples for your selected brand, preferably from the same campaign. Make sure to include one of each in the following categories:
Print ad (newspaper or magazine)
Electronic ad (television or radio)
Outdoor/out-of-home ad (billboards, etc.)
Digital interactive (Internet or mobile) Please note that the publication of an advertisement on the Internet does not necessarily qualify it as a digital interactive ad. Many television commercials, for example, can be found on Youtube.They are still television ads; they are not digital interactive ads.
During this presentation, you will be showcasing to your audience your understanding of the advertising concepts and principles you learned this semester.
  Things to consider
While analyzing the advertisements, your team should consider the following questions and use them as a guide as your team works on its presentation. Please note, however, that – with the exception of the first question –  this does not mean that you must answer every question for each ad.
What year was the ad published? Where?
What type of ad is it (national, regional, local, etc.)? Or, is it marketing communication? If so, what type?
How does each ad illustrate concepts from our textbook (for example, product positioning, product differentiation; the use of ad design elements, etc.)?
How does the ad try to convince consumers that purchasing this product will make their lives better?
Who is the likely target audience(s)? How do you know? How does the ad attempt to reach its target(s)?
Is the brand using integrated marketing communications? Why or why not?
What have been the results of the brand’s advertisements? (For this question you should find out as much as you can about the brand’s advertising by consulting the brand’s website or articles in publications, such as Advertising Age.)
Is this an effective ad? Why or why not? (You must refer to something more than just your opinion.)
What else did you found interesting and/or related to concepts presented in this class? (This answer can be opinion-based.)
Your team will summarize its findings verbally during the presentation and visually through PowerPoint. (Yes, you can use Google slides, but you must export your file as a .pptx so your professor can review it before grading your project.) You must include digital copies of your ads within the PowerPoint file and list the sources of these ads (such as YouTube, the brand’s or advertising agency’s websites, photos taken of billboards, scanned magazine or newspaper ads, etc.).
Please note that you must optimize WebEx for videos before playing one; otherwise it may freeze your computer, drop frames, etc. You may play the ad in its entirety if it is 30 seconds or less; otherwise you should just play an excerpt to support your discussion of the ad.
Your first PowerPoint slide should list the title of your presentation and the names of all of your team members. The last PowerPoint slide must list all the sources your team used for this project. You must include all pertinent information, such as the authors’ names, titles, publication dates, etc. It is not enough to just list a web address with no other information.
Please note that transitions, links to websites, animations or audio files in your PowerPoint file will not work if you upload your file to WebEx for sharing.These features should work if you are sharing your screen.
Length: 15 to 20 minutes
  Submission Details
PowerPoint:  After your presentation you will upload your PowerPoint file (.pptx) via the PowerPoint submission link below.
Deadline: Presentation dates will occur in week 7. The presentation dates will be finalized no later than Week 6.
Value: 10 percent of your final grade
Evaluation criteria: The assignment rubric is attached at the top of this Group Project -Topics & Instructions content area.  You also will be able to evaluate each of your team members’ efforts on this project (see the team evaluation link below).

This is a group assignment, I need to complete three he needs to complete three, so only three uploads need to be completed.

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