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Breaking the Mold: Artists Who Changed Course and Challenged Convention

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? View Petite Mort. Link
? Provide historical context; dance title (italicized), performance year,choreographer, dance company, composer/musician. Weave it into a cohesive introductory paragraph of your own words.
Clear and detailed movement description. Avoid the words ?movement,? ?moved,? and ?danced,? for they convey little detail.
? Every descriptive action word (kick, leap, turn, fall, release, reach, etc.) should have a corresponding descriptor (quickly, slowly, easily, freely, urgently, fully, etc.).
? Utilize the descriptive language of the 8 Laban Effort Elements. Capitalize them.
? How do the costumes, music, lighting, and performance play into the presentation of this choreography? Which elements of the classical ballet tradition does Petite Mort embrace? Which elements of the classical ballet tradition does Petite Mort disregard? Based on what you saw in the work, how would you define it? To which genre does it belong?what would you call it?
? Why? Ground you choice in what you saw in the dance and what you know of classical and contemporary ballet history and aesthetics.

this is the video petite more link:

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