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PART 1: Discussions (1 PAGE) – 2 references

For the next two module discussion activities, we will use a realistic inbound Winter Storm Scenario like the events in Texas in 2021. Each scenario/discussion will provide an update to the information and some topics for discussion. Please answer accordingly and for your (downtown located) organizational supply chain management activities and responses.


Monday, 1:00 PM: Precipitation begins as wet snow for several hours, changes to freezing drizzle, and then freezing rain. Ice up to 1 inch thick accumulates on roads, sidewalks, trees, power lines, and houses. Wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour are reported in the area. Authorities are attempting to clear major roadways, but the dangerous conditions make it impossible to keep even the largest vehicles on the road. All roads are impassable. Emergency response vehicles are unable to respond to calls for assistance. Heavy accumulation of ice and wet snow causes dozens of trees to fall, taking down power lines. Power outages are widespread. Your school district has extended closures until Thursday and all local government buildings are closed.

You are the head of supply chain operations for a major food distribution company. What are your immediate actions in the first 10-15 minutes? Who is in charge? How will leaders communicate with each other and with employees? What are leaders communicating? Is there an alternate plan for communicating if the power is out due to downed power lines? What are your expectations for employees regarding attendance under these circumstances? Can you provide service with limited employees? Do you have mandatory reporting or telework processes? What risk do you have to consider to supply chain activities?

(2 references)


– Provides concrete examples from the readings to support postings

– Integrates personal observations and knowledge in an accurate and highly insightful way.

– Posts are organized and information is presented in a logical sequence

– Includes 2 or more outside sources to support and enrich the discussion. Sources are properly cited in APA format.

PART 2: (2 PAGES) – 2 references

For the Homework Assignment, review the article and your notes from the Activity on warehousing and inventory flows. Think about some of the ways the real-world COVID-19 Pandemic is changing warehousing and distribution:

15 Ways COVID is Changing Warehousing and Distribution Forever ( (link opens in a new window)

Next, watch this video for ideas and concepts on Warehousing and Distribution:

7 tips for warehouse inventory management – YouTube (link opens in a new window)

Write a two page paper in APA format describing the changes and considerations for current warehousing operations. You may want to access other resources as well to get a balanced approach to the challenges.


What you are writing about is clear and well-expressed, including specific examples to demonstrate what you learned. Well done!​

Your answer included all the terms from the lesson that applied to the question asked. All terms are fully defined and used in the proper context.

Sentences are complete and they connect to one another easily when they are read out loud. Your writing ‘flows.’ You provided more than one complete paragraph for each answer.​

No punctuation or structural mistakes. No spelling errors. Your writing shows full awareness of the rules of English use.​

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