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Carolina Ingredients has embraced both sustainable business practices AND social responsibility. Make two recommendations for things Carolina Ingredients could do to become more socially responsible or sustainable. Please number your recommendations as #1 and #2…


In this course (MGMT341), we have discussed both human and technological safeguards for I.S. Discuss both human and technological safeguards in regard to the case.

Please label your responses as below:

HUMAN: your response TECHNOLOGICAL: your response


Imagine you are an employee at Carolina Ingredients. List concerns you might have about the upgrades and make a recommendation for how Carolina Ingredients could manage each of those concerns.


Regarding the case, discuss other concept s you have learned in this course that were NOT addressed in the case and how they may be applicable to the case. For example – if the case had not discussed backups, you might discuss that “backups are extremely important and it is recommended that Carolina Ingredients do…”

(Hint – you could thumb through your notes or text to look for ideas.)

Please number the concepts you discuss. For full credit, it is expected you will discuss a minimum of 3 concepts. (Partial credit may be awarded for fewer.)


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