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Its a Business report . Following is the layout and instructions.

? Cover page
? Table of contents
1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction (what is the purpose of the report?)
3. Description of the Entrepreneurial Venture ( this can be any business venture that one is trying to pitch to an high-stakes investor)
4. Management (style and structure)
5. Marketing (to be covered only very briefly.).
6. Competitor analysis (most importantly, address how the venture will be
positioned in relation to direct and indirect competitors).
7. Financial Analysis
8. Key risks and challenges
9. Bibliography

Marking Criteria:
1. Executive Summary
Succinct overview of entire report is provided
2. Introduction
Purpose of the report is clearly stated including the particular outcome
being sought.
3. Venture Description
a) Background to the venture: how was the concept conceived?
b) Description of the venture is professionally presented.

4. Management
a) Clear rationale is given for a particular type of legal structure.
b) Strategic planning approach identified and discussed.

5. Marketing Plan
a) Target audience is clearly identified.
b) Brief description of communication strategy. Clear rationale
demonstrating a link with the particular target audience.

6. Competitor Analysis
a) Brief analysis of the particular market is given.
b) Rationale clearly demonstrates how the venture concept can be
distinguished from competitors.

7. Financial Analysis
a) The particular ?type? of funding being sought is identified and a logical
discussion of related implications.
b) Statements are provided which help to communicate key financial data
associated with the venture.

8. Risks and challenges
The key challenges facing the venture are identified, described and rationale
given for how they will be addressed.

9. Presentation of Report
The report is professionally prepared; i.e., logical structure, free of all
spelling and grammatical errors, strong sentence structure. The analysis and
rational is unambiguous. Appropriate use of references and referencin

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