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Identify a coffee shop that provided you service and write a two page summary that includes the following:
? Their service concept

? What service process they are doing well and how it allows the company to differentiate their experience from the competition.
? What service process they are executing poorly and the impact it has on customer value
? What recommendations would you make using the principals learned to further improve the company�s service? What can the company expect if they implement your recommendations?

The goal is to have you actively looking at the business community to identify some of the principals we discuss in action. Look first from a customer-facing perspective and then develop solutions based on a service operations manager�s perspective of being in the business.

Note: The service provider must be unique for each paper and must be based on your actual interaction with that supplier. A score of zero will be given for duplication of the service provider and/or hypothetical experiences.

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Selected Company Name:
Service Concept/Customer Experience Analysis:
No more than 500 Words.

? Focus on service organizations
? Identify the opportunity
? Provide an alternative
? Dig deeper than just the superficial

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