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Business, Society and Ethics- Business Analysis

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Questions to answer:

Describe a situation in your work or personal life, either experienced or witnessed, in which a decision or action of moral gravity was made or taken. What stakeholders were affected by the decision or action? What would have been considered the “right” outcome? What would have been considered “wrong”? Why? Explain the ethical


principles (minimum of 2) the person (or persons) who made the decision or took the action possibly adhering. What biases might have prevented the person (or persons) from making the best decision or taking the proper action? What might the person’s (or persons’) respective organization have done to prevent and/or remedy the situation?

BA 3102: Business, Society and Ethics

Rubric for Full Analysis Papers (15%)

Criteria  Unsatisfactory = 0-1 / Satisfactory = 2 / Excellent = 3
Level 0 = 0pts. Level 1 = 1pt. Level 2 = 2pts. Level 3 = 3pts. Total
Identification of Issues Identification of ethical /social concerns is sparse or missing. Identifies some of the ethical/social concerns in a given problem/case.  Some important points are missing. Identifies most of the ethical/social concerns in a given problem/case. Most significant points are identified. Completely and thoughtfully identifies all ethical/social concerns in a given problem/case.
Supports Arguments Inconsistent in articulation of position and/or offers little or no supporting evidence. Most points are supported with adequate information.  Some important points are missing and/or support for positions lacks substantial explanation. Able to support a position with adequate information and few logical fallacies. Able to support a position with a substantial amount of information, little or no bias, and valid arguments.
Integration of Course Concepts Very few course concepts integrated. Integrates some course concepts, however, with some inaccuracies. Integrates course concepts fairly well, with few inaccuracies. Integrates course concepts consistently and accurately.
Structure Paper is disorganized; little flow; vague; difficult to understand. Presentation flows smoothly with occasional confusion or rough patches between ideas. Presentation is smooth, polished and organized; flows well.
Language Errors are so numerous that they obscure meaning. Occasional errors in writing, but they don’t represent a major distraction. Writing is free or almost free of errors.
Total Score

(possible 15)


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