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Case Study

This assignment allows us to view several historical/memorable occurrences in the healthcare field that have/will shape our future landscape.

Originality is key. We regularly cross-check submissions against each other, past semesters, and other courses. Trying to cut corners or copy is just not worth it.
All work should be submitted in MS Word format.
Double-check/proofread for grammatical issues.
The submission must be at least 400 words long (but no longer than 700).
At a minimum, there should be two (but there can be more) references: the focus article, and one additional source.
Case Study Instructions

Read the following medical malpractice-related articles about specific “true to life” occurrences:
Soldier’s Family Awarded ‘Multimillion Dollar’ Medical Malpractice Claim From DoDLinks to an external site.

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Flower Mound to pay $10.1M in medical malpractice suitLinks to an external site.

Autumn Harris was jailed over $40. Three weeks later, she was deadLinks to an external site.

Lawsuit filed against state of Iowa for alleged medical negligenceLinks to an external site.

Cardiologist the subject of several malpractice claims for allegedly performing unnecessary heart operationsLinks to an external site.

Read this articleLinks to an external site. regarding medical malpractice.
Select one of the true-to-life news articles from step one. You can choose whichever you prefer.
This submission (outline below) will consist of correlations from the selected article with points brought up in the general malpractice reading on MDLinx and in the course textbook (chapters 1 and 2).
The submission should include these components:

This should summarize the key details of the events that occurred in the focus article.
Refer to the MDLinx “Top Causes of Medical Malpractice.” Describe which cause/s you feel this article best relates to and why.
Challenge and Opportunity (refer to chapters 1 and 2 of the course textbook for inspiration).
What is a challenge that will make it tough to eliminate this error from happening in the future? Why?
What is an opportunity that will help to eliminate this error from happening moving forward? Why?
*Note the grader will be looking for queues the student did additional research regarding the scenario beyond the provided articles and the course textbook (i.e. additional external resources). Note “Wikipedia” is not a reliable source (but is a good starting point to gather general information).
Summarize what has been said and reemphasize the most important point.

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