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For this short paper activity, you will learn about the three delays model, which explains why women and/or their babies so often die during childbirth in resource-poor settings. You will look at determinants of health, assess how they influence maternal mortality, and consider how they can be addressed through innovations and interventions that have worked […]


 This is a short essay that compares a common theme or motif in two works of literature. Choose two works of literature that we have studied so far in this course. Choose a common theme, topic, or motif in these two works. Your essay should present an argument based on one of the following prompts: […]

Hospital Adult Medical Surgical Collaboration Area

Topic : Hospital adult medical surgical collaboration area a. Current Menu Analysis (5 points/5%) Analyze the menus that the team has selected based on the following criteria and provide rationales for your analysis: 1. Healthy/unhealthy menu selections with rationale 2. Appropriate for nutritional requirements of age group with rationale 3. The influence of cultural and […]

Predictive and Qualitative Analysis Report

As a sales manager, you will use statistical methods to support actionable business decisions for Pastas R Us, Inc., a fast-casual restaurant chain specializing in noodle-based dishes, soups, and salads. In simpler terms, you are reviewing available information to determine if what your company is doing works. In this assessment, you use predictive and qualitative analysis skills to create a […]

Business Intelligence

Read the business intelligence articles: Getting to Know the World of Business Intelligence Business intelligence tomorrow…and what it means for today” Locate information about three business intelligence products on the internet. Compare and contrast the three business products. Answer the following: Identify the three business intelligence products. What problem does the sales literature say they […]

Alcohol Abuse

The behaviors of a population can put it at risk for specific health conditions. Studies of human characteristics have shown that those with similar health risks can be targeted for population health improvement. Choose two groups from the health conditions listed below. Tobacco use Alcohol abuse Opioid addiction Obesity Heart disease Pancreatic cancer Begin your […]

Performance Improvement for Quality Care (Performance Improvement for Quality Care

Review the following lectures: Performance Improvement for Quality Care (Performance Improvement for Quality Care Leaders and managers in healthcare strive to provide the best care possible for the population they serve. In order to do so, appropriate data must be collected, analyzed, and then used to improve operations where necessary. There is a process known […]

The Death Penalty

Essay 3 is going to tie all of the skills you have developed so far together for your most formal essay of the semester. In this essay, you will create an argument about a current social issue that you choose to write about. Importantly, this essay requires that you conduct research into your topic so […]

Serial Killer- Richard Ramirez “Night Stalker”

Website to be used: Parts of the paper: Answer/Discuss the Following: 1. Describe the case you selected to include the personal history of the serial killer, the facts of the case and how the killer was eventually identified (less than two pages). 2. Discuss in detail the killer’s crime scenes and any crime scene […]

War on Drugs

A Reaction Paper is designed to develop and sharpen your critical thinking and writing skills. Your objective in writing this assignment is to define an issue clearly and formulate and clarify your position by reacting to a controversial statement.Please cite at least one reference from a website provided in the Webliography,Has the War on Drugs […]

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