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Marketing Plan

Competency 1 Competency Statement Utilizing the SWOT framework, the MBA Candidate will be able to analyze and apply internal strengths to overcome weaknesses and create value propositions that take advantage of external opportunities while avoiding environmental threats. These value creation strategies will address appropriate legal and ethical considerations in relation to their application in achieving […]

Global Mapping

As social work leaders, it is important to master various ways of communicating information. An Infographic is a visual way to illustrate information or data. Using basic principles of design, one can utilize images and/or brief text to engage a broader audience or a targeted audience. The Client to Global Mapping assignment will be an […]

Discussion Question

I want to be clear that I am asking for someone to look over what I have written and then REWRITE the whole thing. I have written a lot and only need 5300 characters (including spaces). I want to go to a DO school instead of a MD school because DO schools focus on rural […]

Assignment Paper

In preparation for your final assignment, in which you will design a proposal for a compassion training program in the field of your choice (see descriiption in Session 5), research a compassion training program online. These programs can be implemented in many workplaces, so keep applications and ideas for your final assignment in mind. An […]

Assignment Paper

Forecast the Income Statement Use the sales growth assumption to forecast sales for the next fiscal year. Use cost level assumptions to forecast all the operating expenses. At this first stage, we typically leave nonoperating expenses and revenues unchanged from prior-year dollar levels. We return to fine tune these after we forecast the balance sheet. […]


PART 1 Choose one of the short stories you read this week and create a post responding to that story. Your response should discuss the characterization in the story: What techniques did the author use to develop the character(s)? How do the characters inform, color, direct, or shape the story? How do the occurrences of […]


School of Nursing and Allied Health MSN Case Write Up Assignment The purpose of the Case Write- Up Assignment is for your instructor to “see” what you are doing in clinical and “see” how you are making clinical decisions. For these write-ups, you will select a patient seen in your current clinical rotation. You will […]

Effective Crisis Management Communication: Leadership and Organizational Elements Essential for Success

Chapter 4: Data Analysis and Results The purpose of this chapter is to summarize the collected data, how it was analyzed and then to present the results. This chapter typically contains the analyzed data, often presented in both text and tabular or figure format. To ensure readability and clarity of findings, organization, and structure are […]

Organizational Leadership

Please see the Capstone reflection post assignment instructions. Please use the proper APA 7 format. Instructions: In a substantive post, summarize at least three concepts or ideas you gathered from the DCL and Foundations lesson material that you feel have helped equip you to make better decisions or improve your ability to deliver briefings at […]

Element Paper

Element Paper (50 points) Everything in the world around us is made up of the same set of building blocks: the 110+ elements featured on the periodic table. But do you know which elements are being used in your everyday tasks? In this assignment, you will choose one element to research and explore in more […]

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