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Catholic and Protestant Influences in Methodism

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Research Paper on Catholic and Protestant Influences in Methodism

1a.Those aspects which Methodism holds in common with the Universal Church

b. Those which have been inherited from Protestantism(The impact the Catholic and Protestant Church has on the Methodist in such areas as : liturgy, doctrines and formation etc.) NOT LIMITED TO THESE ONLY

c. Those which are uniquely Wesleyan

1.The book,” The Protestant Reformation” By Hans J. Hillerbrand. Hillerbrand, Hans J. The Protestant Reformation. New York: HarperCollins, 2009. AND ANY ADDITIONAL BOOK(S)

2. Material on the formation of Methodism ( research relevant books/material)

3. Internet search for information pertaining to the Catholic and Protestant influences in Methodism.

Please note that in keeping with scholarly writing standards you are expected to use footnotes to reference all quotations/ citations used in the body of your paper.

Your final submission Paper should include the following:
-The outline ( Which is similar to a Table of Content with Headings /Main Points and Sub Headings /Points.
– Essay /The Body
-Footnote /End notes

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