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Topic for this Presentation: Cellulitis
◦Your presentation must include:

1) Three learning objectives that must be clearly written and presented
2) A complete SOAP on the approved template
3) An extended SOAP note
4) At least five test questions (such as multiple choice and/or matching) designed to asses mastery of the learning objectives
5) A minimum of five scholarly resources

Assignment Grading Criteria:
Identified a minimum of three learning objectives and five test questions. Learning objectives are written in a clear and concise manner. 5

Identified a diagnosis that has been covered in course materials up to this week and created a completed extended SOAP note and evaluation following template. Presented pathophysiology of the disease process contributing to this patient’s diagnoses. 15

Proposed and discussed a treatment plan, education plan, and follow-up plan based on clinical guidelines and current literature. Identified and described research material to support the diagnosis and plan. Described best practices for optimal outcomes. 10

Provided a critical reflection of interaction and investigation. Evaluated the patient encounter and finished with concluding remarks that highlighted the learning objectives. 5
Included a minimum of five scholarly resources with maximum of one course text—no secondary sources. Included clinical guidelines and literature that provided the evidence for the diagnosis, therapeutic plan and education. References followed APA guidelines. 5
Facilitated a discussion relevant to the presentation topic. 10
Total: 50

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