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Child Abuse

To successfully complete this learning unit, you will be expected to:
Evaluate ways in which counselors/therapists assess child abuse in their work with couples and families.
Differentiate between abuse and incest.
Analyze treatment options for the abuser and the abused child.

Required Reading:
Jouriles, E. N., McDonald, R., Slep, A. M. S., Heyman, R. E., & Garrido, E. (2008). Child abuse in the context of domestic violence: Prevalence, explanations, and practice implications. Violence and Victims, 23(2), 221-235.

Putnam, S. (2009). The monsters in my head: Posttraumatic stress disorder and the child survivor of sexual abuse. Journal of Counseling and Development, 87, 80-89.

Visit the Writing Center – Annotated Bibliographies for information on how to write an annotated bibliography. Also, see information posted in the updates section for information on annotated bibliography’s.
Submit an annotated bibliography that includes a minimum of two current articles for each of these topics (minimum of 12 articles).
Assessment of Child Abuse
Incest (adult abuser with child victim, could be parent, brother-sister, cousins, etc.)
Treatment of child victim of child abuse (directed to therapy for children/teens)
Treatment of victim of child abuse (directed to therapy for adults)
Treatment of child abusers (adult abusers)
Treatment of child abusers (child/teen abusers)

Include the references in APA format and provide a paragraph summary below the reference describing the key points of the article. Do not use direct quotes from the article; present the main ideas of the article in your own words

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