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Childhood Depression

Presentation Instructions Identity a topic area (e.g., the use of antidepressants to treat childhood depression) that you want to investigate in the field of Abnormal Psychology. You may not use topics that you have already used for other class assignments or topics that have been covered in class. You will give a 15-minute presentation on this topic. As part of your presentation, you must include one activity or group discussion. You must find 3 sources that will help you structure your presentation (you may use the DSM-V and the textbook as sources, and it is recommended that you use a database like PsycInfo or PubMed on the library’s website to find peer-reviewed articles). You may not use sources like Wikipedia and other websites, as they often contain information that is inaccurate. You must submit the topic of your presentation and the 3 sources you will use by 11:59pm on November 1, 2023. Presentations will take place in class on November 15, 2023.



Scoring Criteria Total Points



(30 points)

The topic of presentation is appropriate (not too broad or too narrow).


Information is presented in a logical sequence. 10 Visual aids are well prepared, informative, effective, and not distracting.


Content (130 points)

Introduction is attention-getting, explains the importance of this topic, and establishes a framework for the rest of the presentation.


Presenter knows the information and terms well and explains them well and in simple terms for the audience.


Presentation contains accurate and relevant information tied to the topic, and all of the information is well connected.


Includes activity or group discussion. 20 Appropriate amount of material is prepared, and points made reflect well their relative importance.


There is an obvious conclusion summarizing the presentation and stating where the field should go next regarding this topic.


Presentation appropriately cites and includes information from 3 accepted sources related to the topic.


Delivery (40 points)

Speaker maintains good eye contact and is appropriately animated (e.g., gestures, moving around, etc.).


Speaker uses a clear, audible voice. 10 Delivery is poised, controlled, and smooth. 10 Length of presentation is within the assigned time limits (not too long or too short).


Speaker knows the information well and does not simply read the slides.


Score Total Points 200

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