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Childhood Trauma

Paragraph 1 (Introduction)
Your introduction should include a brief description of ACEs and trauma as well as an introduction to the childhood experience you have chosen for this paper.
Paragraph 2 (Understanding this Experience)
Describe the childhood experience and discuss what it looks like in today’s families. How is this experience defined? Who is impacted? How wide-spread is this issue? Keep this information as current and as local as possible (for example, 2018 data from Ohio is more relevant than 2003 data from Canada).
Paragraph 3 (Impact)
Describe what the research says about the potential long-term impact of this childhood experience. Again, keep this information as current and as relevant as possible. 
Paragraph 4 (Supporting Children)
Describe specific ways teachers can support children with this childhood experience. Think of communication tools, curriculum ideas, classroom materials, school policies, guidance techniques, relationship building ideas, etc. These should be specific to children with this childhood experience. You might need to explain why your support ideas are of particular importance to these children.
Paragraph 5 (Conclusion)
Your conclusion should summarize your main points and identify areas for possible future study on this topic.
Reference list
All sources should be alphabetized and cited using APA format.

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