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Children Moral Developmen

Ch. 14 Discussion Board

“Where do children’s moral development evolve from as they are growing up? How does what they learn from their parents, guardians, or peers influence this moral development? How can this influence what kind of adult they may become?

Chapter 7 Discussion Topic

What evidence is there that light acts as a wave? What evidence is there that light acts like a particle? How do we view

Frequency and Timeliness: Students should post on three different days each week(day one initial post, day two response to a classmate, day three response to different classmate) with the initial post being within 48 hours of module opening.

High-Quality posts include substantial posts containing well-developed original thoughts, added insight to the topic, outside sources, and follow-up questions. These posts are error-free and grammatically correct. In addition, these posts are a minimum of 150 words. The posts should demonstrate higher order thinking and critical thinking skills.

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