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CHINA AND INDIA in “Cases in Comparative Politics”

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Political Science

1. This is going to be an argumentative essay with a clear thesis, arguments supporting the thesis along with examples from the books to support your argument, and a strong conclusion.

2. This essay can be more than 1100 words, but NO more than 1500.

3. I need you to be descriptive of the arguments you make, BUT not too descriptive. Focus on a thesis and more on arguments to support the thesis.

4. I have not gotten an official topic for the essay, but I want the reader to read all the readings and get familiar with them until I submit the official question. They are heavy readings and a lot of information, so I suggest underlining things that could potentially be useful for the essay.

5. The topic will most likely be about comparing China and India: their government systems, cultures, ethnicity, and etc.

6. There might be more readings, but for now I only know about these 2 chapters on China and India.

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