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Use the “Inside Out” approach from chapter 10 of Apologetics at the Cross to respond to the following statement posed to you by a secular friend: “My biggest problem with Christianity is, for one, that Christians seem so intolerant and judgmental. And secondly, their sexual ethic seems to suppress basic human desires and our freedom to live fulfilled lives.” Remember to start inside their own plausibility structures and work to the explanatory power of the gospel. Make sure you thoroughly study the notes pertaining to this method as well as Keller’s section on A and B beliefs. Your essay must reflect, clearly explicate, and apply the central components of the “Inside Out” model as you engage your secular friend. Guidelines to follow include:
• Turabian format (review the Sample Paper for a great guide)
• At least three (3) citations from scholarly/academic sources, in addition to citations from Apologetics at the Cross and the Bible, for a minimum of five (5) references
• Acceptable sources include scholarly journals, books, articles, and other published works
o Have a clear organization and relevant use of academic sources; integrate them in an organic and useful way instead of “tacking them on” to meet a requirement
o Avoid simply stringing quotes together at length, as this is not an effective way to persuade a friend
• Though a hypothetical conversation is used in the prompt, this is still meant to be a formal paper so first-person, and a conversational back-and-forth style are to be avoided.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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