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Classroom Management Philosophy and Theories

Classroom Management Philosophy and Theories

There are many different theories and philosophies regarding classroom management, and one thing many teachers aim to do over the course of their careers is to develop their own personal classroom management philosophy.Links to an external site. The overarching theories of classroom managementLinks to an external site. inform teachers and administrators as they go about their daily routines and interactions with students.

One important theorist of classroom management is Thomas Gordon,Links to an external site. whose ideas also guide social and emotional curricula. Gordon believed in the primacy of positive relationships, making I-statements when resolving conflicts, and developing a personal investment in the classroom community.
Glasser’s Choice theoryLinks to an external site. teaches students to set personal goals and make choices that will help them meet those goals. This theory places a great deal of emphasis on student autonomy and motivation to learn.
Ginott’s Congruent Communication theoryLinks to an external site. holds that students will ultimately behave as their teachers do, so when teachers behave appropriately, students will model that type of behavior consistently.
Finally, Harry Wong’s theory of classroom managementLinks to an external site. focuses on establishing routines and community early in the school year prior to focusing on learning or having fun. This approach tends to be popular with teachers because it includes hands-on advice for struggling practitioners.
There are plenty of options when it comes to theories and philosophies of classroom management. As a teacher, the key is to identify the values important to you and brainstorm how to incorporate them in the classroom (while also adhering to the goals and philosophies promoted at your school).

Write a reaction to the 4 articles and/or videos, of at least 500 words,  and explain which of the classroom management philosophies/theories most aligns with your own philosophy. to an external site.

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