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Climate Change

Project Plans Part I  Topic:

o Choose a topic that is realistic and one that you want to learn more about.  The topic I chose to work towards my Week 7 project is “Climate change and how

our Carbon Footprint affects it”. o The topic might be a career field you want to go into or something else that

deeply interests you.  I am intrigued by the topic because we only have one planet. I would enjoy

learning more how my everyday processes or decisions affect our climate and things I can do to lower my impact on our planet.

 Scope and value: o What is the scope of the topic and your research?

 The scope of this matter will control is and how our decisions impact our environment. It will also give individuals away for them to calculate their carbon footprint and give them methods they can use to shrink their footprints.

o What value does it bring to your life? To your professional life?  The value of this research will give me the insight to make better

decisions in my personal life to help our planet survive.  Communication medium:

o How are you going to communicate your project?  I plan to use Microsoft PowerPoint for this project to communicate my

information to my audience. o How will you make your presentation different and unique?

 I will use clear and concise language to improve the clarity and effectiveness of my message.

 As well as incorporating graphs and pictures to help express the data in a simple format.

 Critical thinking questions: o Pose different questions that will help you with your research and investigate

your topic in more depth.  What is Climate Change?

o Why is Climate Change Important?  How does Carbon Footprints affect Climate Change

o How to reduce Carbon Footprints professionally and personally?

o Post critical questions that will push you to improve.  What is the difference between Climate Change and Global Warming?

Is there a difference?  Why is Climate Change a problem?  How is Climate Change affecting the planet now?

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Part II – When researching this topic, I will look more towards scientific research papers and Government Sources. Given that I am trying to acquire how Climate Change affects our planet, I believe these sources will provide the best facts to be able to assemble a presentation while being truthful and educational. For any gaps in information, I will ensure to check my sources for citations and authors to confirm that the data contained is factual and current.

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