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Cognitive Heart Failure

· PowerPoint

· Prepare slides covering each portion of the required information.

· A clean hard copy of the power point slides on a light or white background is presented to the clinical instructor for faculty evaluation.

· It is not necessary to give a handout to each student in the clinical group since everyone can easily view the presentation.

· Make sure the background color is easy to see and read.

· Pictures and video streaming can be added—be creative.

· Description and definition of the pathophysiology of the client’s primary admitting medical/ surgical diagnosis.

· Identification of a least three (3) appropriate nursing diagnoses with supporting objective and subjective client data.

· Development of the Top Priority Nursing Diagnosis, a 2 or 3 part nursing diagnosis, goal, outcomes, and interventions with rationales and evaluation.

· An appropriate broad goal and specific outcomes for the top priority nursing diagnosis.

· Outcomes are specific and measurable and are written the opposite of the defining characteristics (signs and symptoms/AEB).

· Identification of appropriate nursing interventions/nursing actions (assess, do, teach) for the priority nursing diagnosis.

· Include references and rationales for each intervention

· Evaluation of each outcome criteria and modifications, as applicable, for the priority nursing diagnosis.

· Information must be easy to read, neat and clearly written with correct spelling and grammar. Utilize college writing labs for assistance.

· Reference all resources utilizing the APA format

A minimum of 4 references should be used.

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