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Cognitive Psychology

In this quiz you will be presented with two essay prompts. These prompts will focus on the material most recently covered in the preceding and current module though you are welcome to draw on research and ideas presented across the course. These essay prompts do not have set correct answers but instead will be graded on your ability to present relevant information cogently and convincingly to support your perspective or argument.

Each essay should be answered completely. Each essay is worth 50 points. Each essay should be 500 words (with a window for 50 more or 50 less words). Each essay should contain reference to the literature/readings in appropriate APA style. Each essay should be constructed in typical essay format (e.g., introduction, body, and conclusion).

You will have three hours to complete the quiz so please plan accordingly and be prepared before beginning the exam.

1. Basically, cognitive psychology is approximately 60 years old. The science of psychology went through changes in the 1950s and 1960s that are often referred to as psychology’s “cognitive revolution.” Explain the impact of this revolution on how it changed the intellectual map of our field. Also, how did this change the style of research used by most psychologists? Provide examples to support your assumptions. Also, make certain that you apply some of your readings and/or research to answer the question.

2. Everyday our bodies perceive sights, sounds, smells, and even physical contact based on the billions of neurons that process our sensory information and send it to the higher centers in the brain. Describe how this important information-processing system can create a problem for high-level cognition. In other words, how do you decide what to attend to from all of the sensory information processed? Include studies and/or theories to support your answers

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