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Commentary pieces on How can experience from implementing health promotion help us design a health promotion intervention?

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Assessment Task 3 (50%)

How can experience from implementing health promotion help us

design a health promotion intervention?


2,000-word proposal for a health promotion initiative – Part B


Purpose – The overall purpose of AT3 is to develop your ability to discuss issues that we know from

experience, are important to consider when designing a health promotion initiative.

Your task is to produce a short commentary on each of three key issues for health promotion

practice that are discussed in Module 3 (total – 2000 words):

 evidence and ethics (500-900 words)

 readiness, capacity and support (500-900 words)

 social capital (500-900 words).

The question to address in your commentary for each issue is:

Why is this issue important to understand and explicitly consider when designing a health promotion initiative?

In your response:

 Draw on appropriate peer reviewed literature and real examples of health promotion practice to

justify or illustrate your points

 If you wish, make reference to the health-related issue, and the population group which is

affected by it, that you explored in AT2

Background – In researching and completing AT2, you learned that theory can play an important role

when we wish to design a health promotion intervention. Theory can assist us by:

 explaining the nature and determinants of a problem

 identifying the range of factors that a health promotion intervention is seeking to change

 informing the development and implementation of health promotion intervention strategies

 ensuring all necessary elements of a health promotion program have been put in place.

In this assessment task, you will consider three key issues that the real-world practice of

implementing health promotion has shown to be important if our efforts are to be acceptable,

successful and enduring in their impact.

 Comment on any implications of these issues for the health professional development.

Presenting your work

  1. Cover page with subject name and code, student name, student ID, ‘Assessment Task 3’, issue

being addressed

  1. Use 12 font
  2. Use 1.5-line spacing
  3. Include page numbers
  4. Use APA 6 referencing style expertly
  5. Possible structure:

 Introduction (short description of your argument/comment)

 Elaboration of the reasoning underpinning your argument/comment (2 or more

paragraphs, depending on the length of your piece of work and referenced)

 Short concluding statement

 Reference list

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